Copper and Cu alloy U bending tube is carried out by cold working method and is being done to the necessary bend radius as per client drawings. U-bend tube/pipe can be manufactured from an extensive range of pipe materials that contain high and low yield stainless steels, alloy steels, carbon steels,Monel , Inconel, hastelloy,duplex , super duplex,titanium,copper alloy and Cr-Ni alloys. Usually U-bends manufactured from seamless tube, can further be customized in terms of thicknesses and sizes as per the specific requirements of our clients. They are easy for further assemble tube bundles.

Grand provides U bend Tubes pipe in diverse industries for a range of applications such as in Boiler, Condensers, Evaporators,tube bundles for Heat Exchangers, Coolers/Inter-coolers, Chiller, and so on. These are as well being used in dissimilar industries such as in Fertilizer Plants, Sugar Industry, Steel Plants,Oil & Gas plants, Chemical & Petrochemical plants, Refineries, Power plants, Renewable energy plants etc.

Production process:

straight pipe – bending before 100% flaw detection – reliable bending machine and precision bending mould – bending after the U-shaped part of the electric heating stress relief annealing – bending after 100% water pressure

What special:

All the above mentioned material can be supplied:in straight length  U-bent  finned with low fins

These pipe/tube Bend are seamless,by Large-radius Pipe Bend for pneumatic conveyors

Pipe Bend are absolutedly wrinkle-free,no start-up bulges,Extremely low ovality Pipe Bend.

Visually aesthetic surface,Deburred sawing edges,No scratching or scoring.

Leg extension each side, Easy installation,Safe for use with food.


Copper and Cu alloytubesstandard and materialgrades:

JIS H3300 C1220  ASTM B68 C12200  BS2871 C106  EN 12735-2 CU-DHP   DIN SF-Cu ,tube bundles for Heat Exchangers.

ASTM B135 C33000 C28000 C27000 C27200 C27400 C26000 C26200 C26800 C23000  Condensers, Evaporators, Coolers/Inter-coolers, Chiller.

ASTM B111 C68700 Aluminium brass tube   BS EN12451(B2871) CuZn20A12As (CZ110) Condenser brass tube  JIS H3300 C6870  Condensers, Evaporators.

ASTM B111 C44300 Admiralty brass tube  BS EN12451(B2871) CuZn28Sn1As (CZ111)  Condenser brass tube   JIS H3300 C4430  Condensers, Evaporators, Coolers/Inter-coolers, Chiller.

ASTM B111 C70600 Copper-nickel tube   BS EN12451(B2871) CuNi10Fe1Mn(CN102) Condenser CuNi tube  JIS H3300 C7060 Evaporators Cu Ni tube.

ASTM B111 C71500 Copper-nickel tube   BS EN12451(B2871) CuNi30Fe1Mn(CN107) CuNi30Fe1Mn(CN108)  JIS H3300 C7150 Cuni tube for Condensers, Evaporators, Coolers/Inter-coolers, Chiller.

ASTM B111 C71640 Copper-nickel tube BS EN12451(B2871)  CuNi30Fe1Mn(CN108) Cuni tube  JIS H3300 C7164 95/5 Copper nickel tube bundles for Heat Exchangers

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