Seamless Copper Tube

Seamless Copper Tube

Copper tube has good conductivity and is the main material of conductive accessories and heat dissipation accessories of electronic products. Copper tubes have strong corrosion resistance, are not easy to oxidize and react with some liquid substances. It is the first choice for modern contractors to install water pipes, heating and cooling pipes of all residential commercial houses.

Copper tubes are also called copper tubes. The utility model relates to a non-ferrous metal pipe, which is a pressed and drawn seamless pipe. Copper pipe has the characteristics of good conductivity and thermal conductivity. It is the main material of conductive fittings and heat dissipation fittings for electronic products, and has become the first choice for modern contractors to install water pipes, heating and cooling pipes in all residential commercial buildings. Copper tubes have strong corrosion resistance, are not easy to be oxidized and react with some liquid substances, so they are easy to be bent and formed.

About 75% of copper tubes in China are used in the refrigeration industry. Because of its excellent flexibility, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, copper pipes are widely used in the evaporator, condenser, connecting pipes, pipes and pipe fittings of air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, among which air conditioners are the main downstream. In 2021, the output of air conditioners, household refrigerators and freezers will increase significantly. In the first half of the year, the output will be 15.85 million units, 44.35 million units and 15.85 million units, respectively, 21%, 19% and 42%. The increase of refrigeration output will drive the demand for copper tubes for refrigeration.

In offshore engineering, copper alloy condenser tubes have excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and other properties., It has broad application prospects. At the press conference in June 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission said that 123 desalination projects have been completed in China, with a total capacity of 1.65 million tons/day. The Action Plan for the Development of Seawater Desalination and Utilization proposes that by 2025, the total scale of seawater desalination in China will reach more than 2.9 million tons/day, and the new scale of seawater desalination will reach more than 1.25 million tons/day, so there is a great demand for copper tubes of heat exchange condensers.

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Phosphorus-Deoxidized copper tubes – C12200 – are extensively used in sugar refineries for condensers and evaporators. Deoxidized copper is the standard material for transferring heat from steam to water or air because of their excellent resistance to corrosion by fresh water and their high thermal conductivities.

Copper tubes are easy to install, inexpensive to transport and have long life spans with low maintenance. Because they are compatible with a large range of liquids and are so resistant to a wide variety of environmental conditions, tubes made of copper provide a long term performance that is extremely cost effective over long periods of time. They form piping systems both above and below ground, in freezing temperatures as well as in high heat applications. Fire sprinkler systems, cryogenic plants, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, hospital oxygen systems, gas and steam heating systems and drain/vent systems all use copper tubes as pipes. They also take up less space than other metal pipes.

In order to ensure safety and quality, all copper tubes must adhere to strict ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards concerning copper purity, design, fittings and liquid/gas compatibility. They are generally formed by the extrusion process, which fabricates seamless tubes with uniform wall thickness and a smooth surface. Solid-profile copper billets in the shape of rods are heated until malleable and then forced through a series of smaller and smaller molds in the shape of a tube until the desired shape has been reached. After extrusion, they are often bent using rollers or mandrels, and attached to each other at the ends by welding.

Most copper tubes have threaded ends, one male and one female, so they can easily attach and detach from one another. The threading is non-permanent but still provides a reliable, air and water tight seal. Sometimes tubes are joined by brazing, a welding technique that uses nonferrous filler material. A benefit of copper tubes is their flammability and explosion resistance. If a fire does start within the tube, it will not travel farther into the pipe system. Copper tubes can have either soft or hard tempers, which is the metal’s overall hardness. This is accomplished by post-fabrication heat treatments.

UNS No.C12200 – BSI No. C107 – ISO Name Cu-DHP
Chemical Comp. (%)Cu 99.9 / P 0.015N ~ 0.040
ASTM Spec.B 75, B 111, B 395
ASME Spec.SB 111, SB 395
ApplicationsCondenser, evaporator & heat exchanger tubes; Air conditioning & refrigeration; Plumbing pipes & steam tubes.
TemperH55 Light Drawn / H80 Hard Drawn / O61 Annealed


Properties *MetricEnglish
Density8.94 g/cm³0.323 lb/in³
Tensile Strength221 ~ 379 MPa32 ~ 55 ksi
Yield Strength69 ~ 345 MPa10 ~ 50 ksi
CTE, linear17.7 10-6/°C @ 20.0 – 300 °C9.8 10-6/°F @ 70.0 – 570 °F
Specific Heat Capacity0.0920 cal/g-°C @ 20ºC0.0920 BTU/lb-°F @ 70ºF
Thermal Conductivity339 W/m-K @ 20.0 °C196 BTU/ft2/ft/h/°F @ 70.0 °F
Melting Point1083 °C1981 °F

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Products Description
Product Name
Copper Pipe
Wall Thickness
Outer Diameter
Standard seaworthy export packing: 3 layers of packing, inside is kraft paper, water plastic film is in the middle and outside
GI steel sheet to be covered by steel strips with lock, with inner coil sleeve
A copper tube is also known as a purple copper tube. A type of non-ferrous metal tube, it is a pressed and drawn seamless tube.Copper tube has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity characteristics, electronic products, electrical accessories,and heat dissipation accessories of the main material, and become the first choice of modern contractors in all residentialcommercial housing water piping, heating, and cooling piping installation. Copper pipe corrosion resistance, is not easy to oxidation, and some liquid substances are not easy to chemical reaction, easy to Wei bend shape.

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