Brass Oval Tube

Oval brass tubing stands out with its unique shape among brass tubing options. Primarily used for decorative purposes, you can also spot this distinctive form in custom furniture and automotive projects. Thanks to its brass construction, it’s a robust choice that appeals to DIY enthusiasts.


Hard Drawn Oval Precision Seamless Brass Tube

ASTM B135/B135M

Chemical composition table

Copper Alloy UNS NO.²Previously Used DesignationNominal Composition,%

Brass Pipe have strong, corrosion resistant properties, and become a modern contractor in all

of commodity house pipes,heating, cooling water piping installation of choice.Widely used for

air-conditioning and refrigeration field service,heat exchange use,connecting tubes,distribution,

fire protection,solar,natural gas,liquefied petroleum gas,vent piping.

Nondestructive Testing

1.Unless nondestructive testing has been waived,Brass tubesshall be subjected to a nondestructive test.T

he manufacturer shall select the nondestructive test that is most suitable for the tube size and the application

2.Eddy-current testing is the standard nondestructivetest,andall tubes of appropriate size shall be eddy-current

tested in accordance with A

3.Tubes that are not of a size suitable for eddy-current test capabilites shall be tested by the hydrostatic test as

described in B ,or by the pneumatic test as described in C

A:Eddy Current Test-Each tube up to 3 8/1 in 【79mm】 in outside diameter shall be subjected to an eddy-current test..

B:Hydrostatic Test -When specified , the tube shall sand,without showing evidence of leakage an internal hydrostatic

pressure to subject the material to a fiber stress of 7000 psi [48MPa],determined by the following equation for thin hollow

cylinders under tension p=2Stl(D-0.8t)

C:Pneumatic Test- – -When specified, the tube shall be subjected to an internal air pressure of 60 psig [400 kPa] minimum

for 5 s without showing evidence of leakage. The test method used shall provide for easy visual detection of any leakage,

such as by immersion of the tube under water or by the pressure differential method. Any evidence of leakage shall be cause

for rejection.

Mechanical Property Requirements of Drawn Temper Tube -SI Values

Copper Alloy UBS No.Temper DesignationOutside Diameter,mm or Major Distance Between Outside
Paraller Stufaces,mm
Wall Thickness,mmTensile
Rockwell Hardness
C22000H80hard drawnup to 25,incl0.05 to 3.0,incl360min55min
C22000H80hard drawnover 25 to 40,incl0.09 to 5.5,incl360min55min
C22000H80hard drawnover 50 to 100,incl1.5 to 6.0,incl360min55min
C23000H55light drawnallall305-40043-75
C23000H80hard drawnup to 25,incl0.05 to 3.0,incl395min65min
C23000H80hard drawnover 25 to 50,incl0.09 to 5.0,incl395min65min
C23000H80hard drawnover 50 to 100,incl1.5 to 6.0,incl395min65min
C26000/27000/33000H80hard drawnup to 25,incl0.05 to 3.0,incl455min70min
C26000/27000/33000H80hard drawnover 25 to 50,incl0.09 to 5.0,incl455min70min
C26000/27000/33000H80hard drawnover 50 to 100,incl1.5 to 6.0,incl455min70min
C44300H80hard drawnallall455min70min

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ASTM :Copper (C10200,C11000,C10100,C10200,C12000,) Brass(C21000,C22000,C23000,C24000,C26000,C27000,C27200,C27400,C2800,C31400,

C33000,C35600,C37100,C36000, C35300,C37100,C37700,C37710,C37000,C68700,C41100,
Bronze(C50500,C51100,C52100,C60800,C61000,C61900,C63010, C62300,C63000,C63280,
C63020,C17200,C17000,C17500,C17510,C18200,C18100,C18200,C16200,C19400,C14500) Cupronickel(C70400,C71000,C71300,C71500,C70400,C70600,C75200,C77000,C75400,)
Pipe shape
Round, square, rectangular
Pipe specification
Wall thickness:0.20mm-20mm
Wall thickness:0.2mm-20mm
Wall thickness:0.2mm-20mm
Pipe length
1/16 hard,1/8 hard,3/8 hard,1/4 hard,1/2hard,full hard,soft,etc
Surface treatment
mill,polished,bright,oiled,hair line,brush,mirror,sand blast,or as required.

The copper tubes are made of pure electrolysis copper. They are precise in size and smooth

on surface. Besides,they are of good heat conductibility. Thus, they are widely used for heat
exchangers, radiators, coolers, electro-heat-up pipe, Air conditioner and refrigerators.
The straight pipes can be used for oil transportation, brake pipes, water pipes and gas pipes
for construction.

Export standard package: bundled wooden box or be required;

The packing will reach the standard of export. Or as the customers’ request. In addition,
We will make the products with good surface protection.

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