When producing galvanized steel tubes, we use no-oxygen furnace to annealed the tubes which ensuire the smoothness of the inner and outside surface.Both the inner and outer surfaces of the high precision steel tubes can be galvanized or Zn only coated to the outside diameter,giving the tube a high homogeneity and an excellent rust resistant performance.

The length of these automotive steel tubes is 6000mm, the zinc color choices include white, yellow, and army green.

Dimension range: Outer diameter:6-76mm, wall thickness:1-10mm
Zinc wall thickness 8-12um,  Salt spray test: common requirements: 80-120 hours, high requirements:120-300 hours,Cr+6 free, environmental friendly


Process Description

Using a high precision, fine drawn bright seamless steel tube as the steel pipe to make galvanization, the outer wall of the steel pipe is cold-galvanized, and both ends are covered for dust protection. The pipe length can be produced to be less than 6 meters.

Zinc color: White, yellow, dark green, and other options. After the galvanized steel surface is finished, the steel features an excellent rust resistance and corrosion resistance.

Primary purpose: These pipes are often used as automotive precision steel pipes, with a finish specifically for corrosion resistance as required by users.


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