Copper Rectangular Tube

Copper Rectangular Tube

Copper tube has good conductivity and is the main material of conductive accessories and heat dissipation accessories of electronic products. Copper tubes have strong corrosion resistance, are not easy to oxidize and react with some liquid substances. It is the first choice for modern contractors to install water pipes, heating and cooling pipes of all residential commercial houses.

Copper tubes are also called copper tubes. The utility model relates to a non-ferrous metal pipe, which is a pressed and drawn seamless pipe. Copper pipe has the characteristics of good conductivity and thermal conductivity. It is the main material of conductive fittings and heat dissipation fittings for electronic products, and has become the first choice for modern contractors to install water pipes, heating and cooling pipes in all residential commercial buildings. Copper tubes have strong corrosion resistance, are not easy to be oxidized and react with some liquid substances, so they are easy to be bent and formed.

About 75% of copper tubes in China are used in the refrigeration industry. Because of its excellent flexibility, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, copper pipes are widely used in the evaporator, condenser, connecting pipes, pipes and pipe fittings of air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, among which air conditioners are the main downstream. In 2021, the output of air conditioners, household refrigerators and freezers will increase significantly. In the first half of the year, the output will be 15.85 million units, 44.35 million units and 15.85 million units, respectively, 21%, 19% and 42%. The increase of refrigeration output will drive the demand for copper tubes for refrigeration.


The Global Shaped Copper Tubes Market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 5.8% by 2030, with the global market volume estimated to be worth US$1,000 million in 2021 and projected to reach US$ X.XX million by 2030. North America will remain as one of the major markets for shaped copper tubes during the forecast period due to its high share in both industrial manufacture and aviation industry applications. Industrial manufacture accounted for more than 50% of total demand in 2021 followed by the aviation industry (30%).

Shaped copper tubes are made from the metal, copper. The shaped copper tubes are pipes that encompass a variety of shapes such as square, octopus, and hexagonal. The shape mainly depends on the application and type of industry it is used in. Shaped copper tubes are used in various industries such as Industrial Manufacture, Communications Industry, and Aviation Industry. The high conductivity makes them extensively applied in the Electronics Industry too. A shaped copper tube is available with its different shaped ends such as square, octopus, and hexagonal.

The market is segmented into Square Tube, Rectangular Tube Octangular Tube, Hexagonal Tube,Carbon brush Tube.

Square Tube:

Square tube is a product of continuous casting and rolling process. It also does not undergo any further cold working or finishing processes after its manufacture. Square tubes are usually used for the construction of structural frameworks, wire mesh partitions, and other architectural applications because they offer excellent strength with a low weight to volume ratio.

Octangular Tube:

Octopus tube is a form of copper tubing that features an octagonal cross-section. The purpose behind its shape is to allow for increased flexibility and reduced weight, which makes it useful in applications such as the aerospace industry and military aircraft. Octopus tube has a number of advantages over standard round tubing, including increased strength and improved durability.

Hexagonal Tube:

The hexagonal tube is also known as square aluminum tubing. It consists of a single piece, whereas it can be made from multiple pieces that are joined together. The coiled structure makes the hexagonal tubes more suitable for carrying out various commercial and industrial applications such as transportation or building construction. Some common types of Hexagon tubes include Aluminum-Hex-Shape and Aluminum Hex tubing.

Carbon brush Tube:

A carbon brush tube is a type of copper tube with rifled grooves inside the outermost layer. The cross-section consists of a round central wire surrounded by multiple metal strips, typically made from nickel alloy with silver plating, and finally covered with an outer sheath that may also be shaped into ribs or threads for added grip.

On the basis of Application, the market is segmenetd into Industrial Manufacture, Communications Industry, and Aviation Industry.

Industrial Manufacture:

The use of shaped copper tubes in industrial manufacture is a huge opportunity for the industry. For example, the aerospace industry uses copper tubing in aircraft and ships because it resists corrosion from saltwater or chemicals that can lead to rusting over time. In addition, these tubes are able to conduct electricity which makes them ideal for ship propulsion systems as well.

The use of shaped copper tubes in Industrial Manufacture is mainly driven by growth in automotive and petroleum refining industries, growing demand for electronics across developing economies, rise in infrastructure spending across emerging countries such as China, India, and Brazil, etc.

Communications Industry :

The shaped copper tube is used in the communications industry where it is mostly employed for its conductivity and heat dissipation properties. The presence of extensive research programs which are carried out globally to make technologies compatible with increased computing, data transfer speed, etc., has led rise to an increasing need for high-performance electronics components such as CPUs (Central Processing Units), GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits), etc. Among all the above-mentioned components, the CPU is one of the most important electronic components which are used in almost every area of information technology ranging from personal computers to supercomputers. This has led rise to an increase in demand for high-performance CPUs with advanced features such as increased processing power, improved energy efficiency, smaller size, etc.

Aviation Industry :

Shaped Copper Tube is used in the aviation industry for various purposes. Shaped copper tubes are widely required by several industries because of their high thermal conductivity. The aircraft engine manufacturers use shaped copper tubes to provide a heat-resistant surface for certain parts like manifolds, ducts, and exhaust nozzles which require an external cooling system to reduce temperature build-up.

Aerospace industries are preferred by aircraft engine manufacturers because of their high thermal conductivity. The use of shaped copper tube is required for certain parts like manifolds, ducts, and exhaust nozzles which requires an external cooling system to reduce temperature build-up. It also reduces weight in the aviation industry as it consumes less power compared to other metals.

Growth Factors For The Global Shaped Copper Tube Market :

The growing demand for shaped copper tubes in different markets such as healthcare, aerospace, and other industries will drive the growth of the global shaped copper tube. The increasing adoption of energy-efficient products is expected to propel this market during the forecast period. The ever-increasing population especially in developing countries has led to an increase in power consumption which further leads to an increase in investments for power generating plants. This growing need is expected to drive the demand for shaped copper tubes over the forecast period. The increasing adoption of automotive electronics has led to a large number of electrical parts being included within cars, which in turn will lead manufacturers to use more formed metal components rather than plastic alternatives leading toward growth in the shaped copper tube market.

Seamless Copper  Rectangular Tube
T2,C1100BD,C1100BE,C11000, etc
Outer diameter: 5mmx5mm-300mmx300mm
Wall thickness: 0.4mm-10mm
Length: 100mm-6000mm
or as required.
Mirror, polishing, oiling, hair line, brush.
Commonly used in manufacturing, valves, water pipes, connecting pipes inside and outside air conditioners and radiators.
bundled wooden box or be required; Or as the customer request. In addition, We will make the products with good surface protection.
Price term
Third Party Inspection
TUV or BV or SGS,etc.
1/16 hard,1/8 hard,3/8 hard,1/4 hard,1/2hard,full hard,soft,etc
Processing Service
Bending, Decoiling, Welding, Punching, Cutting

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