Nickel 200/201 Tubes

Nickel 200/201 Tubes

What Is Nickel Alloy Pipe?

A nickel alloy pipe is a device that allows for swift movement of flow in different applications. The Nickel 200 Pipe is recognized by its schedule and nominal diameters. These pipes are generally produced in a circular cross-section and require special equipment to shape them. A Nickel Alloy Pipe is generally produced in hot rolled conditions and is designed to accommodate larger applications. The Ni200 Hollow Pipe is designed with a minimum tensile strength of 462mpa with a minimum yield strength of 148mpa. They can be elongated by 45% in the system. These pipes can be produced in seamless and welded specifications. The Alloy 200 Seamless Pipe are manufactured as hot steel billets are passed through metal to shape them. These pipes are slightly expensive in comparison to an Alloy 200 Welded Pipe. The welded pipes offer a cost-effective alternative to seamless pipes. These pipes are reliable and have a longer service life. The Nickel 200 Welded Pipe is produced in continuous lengths and is recommended in lower pressure and temperature setups. These pipes have consistent wall thickness but have poor ovality and roundness.


Nickel 200 (UNS N02200)

Nickel 201 (UNS N02201)

Nickel 200 tube is a solid solution strengthened wrought pure alloy. Nickel 200 Tube is designed with a primary constituent of nickel with strengthening alloys like iron, manganese, silicon, copper, carbon, and sulfur. These tubes have exceptional resistance to caustic alkalis and corrosive media. The Alloy 200 Round Tubing has a low gas content and vapor pressure. This tubing has a higher thermal and electrical conductivity. They work in operating temperatures up to 600 degrees F. ASTM B725/ B161 Nickel Alloy 200 Seamless Tube is a single piece of metal that is produced via the extrusion process. These tubes exhibit exceptional strength and have good load-bearing capacity. The ASTM B161 Alloy 200 Seamless Tubing is manufactured in shorter lengths due to the manufacturing difficulties. This tubing has a density of 8.89 g/cm3 and possesses a melting point between 1435 to 1446 degrees C. A WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4066 Seamless Tubing is approved for use in manufacturing boiler tubes. This tubing is ferromagnetic and highly ductile. The tubing is generally welded using shop fabrication processes. Nickel 200 Cold Rolled Coiled Tube are seen in different drilling operations and have a smooth surface finish. These tubes work well in different temperature and reducing environments. The Nickel 200 Tube Suppliers supply tubes that are seen in electronic components. Chemical processing, aerospace equipment, food processing, synthetic fiber production, rocket motors, and so on.

Alloy 200/201 is extremely resistance to caustic alkalies up to and including the molten state. The extra-low carbon content of Alloy 200/201 gives virtual immunity to intergranular attack above about 315°C. The presence of chlorates must be kept to a minimum, as they accelerate the rate of attack.Good resistance to corrosion in acids and alkalis and is most useful under reducing conditions.

Outstanding resistance to caustic alkalis up to and including the molten state. In acid, alkaline and neutral salt solutions the material shows good resistance, but in oxidizing salt solutions severe attack will occur. Resistant to all dry gases at room temperature and in dry chlorine and hydrogen chloride may be used in temperatures up to 550C.

Resistance to mineral acids varies according to temperature and concentration and whether the solution is aerated or not. Corrosion resistance is better in de-aerated acid.

Ni+Co %
Mn %
Fe %
Si %
Cu %
C %
S %
Nickel 201
Min 99.2
Max 0.35
Max 0.4
Max 0.35
Max 0.25
Max 0.02
Max 0.01
Nickel 200
Max 0.35
Max 0.4
Max 0.35
Max 0.25
Max 0.15
Max 0.01
Physical Data
Specific Heat
Electrical Resistivity
Melting Point
Thermal Conductivity
Mean Coeff Thermal Expansion
0.109(456 J/kg.℃)
70.2 W/m-K
Typical Mechanical Properties
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Nickel 200
462 Mpa
148 Mpa
ASTM B161/B163/B725/B751


* Manufacture and handling of sodium hydroxide, particularly at temperature above 300C.
* Production of viscose rayon. Manufacture of soap.
* Analine hydrochloride production and in the chlorination of aliphatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, methane and ethane.
* Manufacture of vinyl chloride monomer.
* Reactors and vessels in which fluorine is generated and reacted with hydrocarbons.
* Processes using caustic alkalines
* Food Processing
* Synthethic Fiber Production
Product Name
Nickel Alloy Precision  Pipes
Outer Diameter
6.00mm-914.00mm as your request
Wall Thickness
0.30mm-30.00mm as your request
1 meters to 6 meters or as customer ‘s requirement
Material Classification
Monel Alloy:MONEL K-500, Monel400/2.4360, Monel 404
Special Stainless Steel:904L/UNS N08904/DIN1.4539, 254SMO/UNS S31254,253MA, 316Ti, 347H.


Inconel Alloy:Inconel840 (S33400), Inconel 686 (2.4606-N06686),Inconel725(NO7725), Inconel713C (2.4671), Inconel625 (2.4856),Inconel602ca(N06625), Inconel601 (2.4851), Inconel600 (2.4816), Inconel 690 (2.4642), Inconel617 (N06617), InconelX-750 (750),Inconel804,Inconel718 (2.4668).


Incoloy Alloy:Incoloy 800HT, Incoloy 890/1. 6569, Incoloy 810, Incoloy801, Incoloy 840/UNS S33400, Incoloy 20/UNS N08020, Incoloy 926/UNSN08926/1.4529, Incoloy 901/UNS N09901/2. 4662, Incoloy330/UNS N08330/1. 488, Incoloy945/ (UNS N09945) , incoloy A-286 /(UNSS66286/1.4980) , Incoloy 825/2.4858, Incoloy 925/UNS N09925, Incoloy 800H/800HT/800AT.


Hastelloy Alloy:Hastelloy AlloyB-2/Hastelloy B-2 Alloy, Hastelloy AlloyB3/Hastelloy B3 Alloy, Hastelloy C-2000 Alloy/HastelloyAlloyC-2000, Hastelloy C-4/Hastelloy AlloyC-4/2. 4610, Hastelloy C-22/Hastelloy AlloyC22, Hastelloy AlloyC-276/Hastelloy C-276 Alloy.


High Temperature Alloy:GH3308, GH3304, GH4090, GH738, GH3030, GH159 (GH6159) , GH3039, GH3044, GH3536, GH5188, GH1131, GH4141,GH2026, GH738, GH80A,GH4090, GH3600, GH2132, GH3625, GH3128, GH4145, GH4169, GH605 (GH5605) , GH93 (GH4093) , GH159 (GH6159) , Incoloy A-286,Inconel718, Incoloy825/2. 4858.

Surface Treatment
bright annealed,polished,pickled etc
Bundle, In bulk, Bags, wooden box as your request

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