Super Thin Wall Nickel Alloy Tubes

Super Thin Wall Nickel Alloy Tubes


Our workshop covers an area of 12000 square meters equipped with the state-of-art facilities to manufacture the thinnest wall seamless stainless steel tubes and also welded stainless steel tubes.The monthly production capacity is 100,000 meters of thinnest wall stainless steel tubes.

The following dimension are our mainly products

1.00×0.15mm,1.00×0.20mm,1.20×0.15mm,1.20×0.20mm,1.50×0.15mm,1.50×0.20mm,1.80×0.15mm,1.80×0.20mm,2.00×0.15mm,2.00×0.20mm,2.50×0.15mm.2.50×0.20mm,2.80×0.15mm,2.80×0.20mm,3.00×0.15mm,3.00×0.20mm,3.5×0.15mm,3.50×0.20mm,3.80×0.15mm,3.80×0.20mm,4.00×0.15mm,4.00×0.20mm,5.00×0.15mm,5.00×0.20mm,5.50×0.15mm,5.50×0.20mm,5.80×0.15mm,5.80×0.20mm,6×0.15mm,6×0.20mm,8×0.1mm,10×0.1mm,12×0.15mm,20×0.2mm5,25.4×0.15mm,30×0.2mm,60×0.3mm 75×0.4mm,86×0.5mm,101.60×0.80mm.etc more sizes can be offered.

Product Name
Nickel Alloy Super Thin Wall Tubes
Outer Diameter
1.00mm-101.60mm as your request
Wall Thickness
0.15mm-0.80mm as your request
1 meters to 6 meters or as customer ‘s requirement
Material Classification
Monel Alloy:MONEL K-500, Monel400/2.4360, Monel 404
Special Stainless Steel:904L/UNS N08904/DIN1.4539, 254SMO/UNS S31254,253MA, 316Ti, 347H.


Inconel Alloy:Inconel840 (S33400), Inconel 686 (2.4606-N06686),Inconel725(NO7725), Inconel713C (2.4671), Inconel625 (2.4856),Inconel602ca(N06625), Inconel601 (2.4851), Inconel600 (2.4816), Inconel 690 (2.4642), Inconel617 (N06617), InconelX-750 (750),Inconel804,Inconel718 (2.4668).


Incoloy Alloy:Incoloy 800HT, Incoloy 890/1. 6569, Incoloy 810, Incoloy801, Incoloy 840/UNS S33400, Incoloy 20/UNS N08020, Incoloy 926/UNSN08926/1.4529, Incoloy 901/UNS N09901/2. 4662, Incoloy330/UNS N08330/1. 488, Incoloy945/ (UNS N09945) , incoloy A-286 /(UNSS66286/1.4980) , Incoloy 825/2.4858, Incoloy 925/UNS N09925, Incoloy 800H/800HT/800AT.


Hastelloy Alloy:Hastelloy AlloyB-2/Hastelloy B-2 Alloy, Hastelloy AlloyB3/Hastelloy B3 Alloy, Hastelloy C-2000 Alloy/HastelloyAlloyC-2000, Hastelloy C-4/Hastelloy AlloyC-4/2. 4610, Hastelloy C-22/Hastelloy AlloyC22, Hastelloy AlloyC-276/Hastelloy C-276 Alloy.


High Temperature Alloy:GH3308, GH3304, GH4090, GH738, GH3030, GH159 (GH6159) , GH3039, GH3044, GH3536, GH5188, GH1131, GH4141,GH2026, GH738, GH80A,GH4090, GH3600, GH2132, GH3625, GH3128, GH4145, GH4169, GH605 (GH5605) , GH93 (GH4093) , GH159 (GH6159) , Incoloy A-286,Inconel718, Incoloy825/2. 4858.

Surface Treatment
hard,semi-hard,soft(Bright annealed)
Bundle, In bulk, Bags, wooden box as your request


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