Nickel Alloy Precision Pipes


Product Name
Nickel Alloy Precision  Pipes
Outer Diameter
6.00mm-914.00mm as your request
Wall Thickness
0.30mm-30.00mm as your request
1 meters to 6 meters or as customer ‘s requirement
Material Classification
Monel Alloy:MONEL K-500, Monel400/2.4360, Monel 404
Special Stainless Steel:904L/UNS N08904/DIN1.4539, 254SMO/UNS S31254,253MA, 316Ti, 347H.


Inconel Alloy:Inconel840 (S33400), Inconel 686 (2.4606-N06686),Inconel725(NO7725), Inconel713C (2.4671), Inconel625 (2.4856),Inconel602ca(N06625), Inconel601 (2.4851), Inconel600 (2.4816), Inconel 690 (2.4642), Inconel617 (N06617), InconelX-750 (750),Inconel804,Inconel718 (2.4668).


Incoloy Alloy:Incoloy 800HT, Incoloy 890/1. 6569, Incoloy 810, Incoloy801, Incoloy 840/UNS S33400, Incoloy 20/UNS N08020, Incoloy 926/UNSN08926/1.4529, Incoloy 901/UNS N09901/2. 4662, Incoloy330/UNS N08330/1. 488, Incoloy945/ (UNS N09945) , incoloy A-286 /(UNSS66286/1.4980) , Incoloy 825/2.4858, Incoloy 925/UNS N09925, Incoloy 800H/800HT/800AT.


Hastelloy Alloy:Hastelloy AlloyB-2/Hastelloy B-2 Alloy, Hastelloy AlloyB3/Hastelloy B3 Alloy, Hastelloy C-2000 Alloy/HastelloyAlloyC-2000, Hastelloy C-4/Hastelloy AlloyC-4/2. 4610, Hastelloy C-22/Hastelloy AlloyC22, Hastelloy AlloyC-276/Hastelloy C-276 Alloy.


High Temperature Alloy:GH3308, GH3304, GH4090, GH738, GH3030, GH159 (GH6159) , GH3039, GH3044, GH3536, GH5188, GH1131, GH4141,GH2026, GH738, GH80A,GH4090, GH3600, GH2132, GH3625, GH3128, GH4145, GH4169, GH605 (GH5605) , GH93 (GH4093) , GH159 (GH6159) , Incoloy A-286,Inconel718, Incoloy825/2. 4858.

Surface Treatment
bright annealed,polished,pickled etc
Bundle, In bulk, Bags, wooden box as your request

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